Reconstruction of Pavilion No. 4 the Care and Treatment Center in Cracow and implementation of an educational program in the field of long-term care


As part of the project, rehabilitation and treatment methods are implemented, including innovative types of occupational therapies such as:

Music Therapy
a form of therapy that uses music or its elements to restore health or improve the functioning of people with various health deficits,

Pet Therapy
classes supporting other methods of therapy in which the motivator is a specially trained dog. In the Care and Therapy Center in Cracow, the classes are conducted with the participation of a dog supporting cognitive functions therapy.

Cinema therapy
a therapeutic method that uses beneficial effects on the rehabilitation and activity of content such as properly selected videos, reports and columns.

Horticultural therapy
classes that use the garden and vegetation to improve the patient's functioning. The basic assumption of hortitherapy is communing with nature (passive hortitherapy) and active participation of patients in gardening works, i.e. planting, care (active hortitherapy).

a form of treatment that uses a specially selected reading materials as a therapeutic aid.

The above forms of occupational therapies are adapted to the individual needs of patiens.

The goal of occupational therapy is to prevent the effects of reducing activity (which accompanies the disease) and restoring the ability to actively live in interacting with the environment. Through participation in various forms of organized and purposeful activity, elderly people and chronically ill persons are not passive, their initiative and willingness to work and the desire to make and continue contacts with others does not disappear..

For whom?

For people of advanced age,
chronically ill,
temporarily or permanently
needing help
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