Reconstruction of Pavilion No. 4 the Care and Treatment Center in Cracow and implementation of an educational program in the field of long-term care


The project implemented by the Care and Therapy Center in Cracow is focused on supporting long-term care in patient's own environment and is addressed both to patients and their caregivers.
In order to ensure the above mentioned group optimal conditions for the care and supervision of good health, including the transfer of care from institutions to patient's homes, the part of the project covers a consultancy system and medical equipment rental such as anti-bedsore mattresses, hospital beds, wheelchairs and balconies.
As a result of these activities, it is possible to stay as elderly for the longest time in their own family environment with close relatives and friends, while providing the necessary professional help

Benefits for a person directly cared for:

  • improvement or maintenance of physical and mental fitness, allowing for the longest possible functioning in the home environment,
  • maintaining the best quality of life,
  • ensuring a sense of security through professional supervision, educational, instrumental and psychological support as well as the possibility of telephone consultations in difficult situations,
  • prophylaxis of complications related to immobility - renting hospital beds and anti-bedsore mattresses, wheelchairs, equipment for safe movement of the patient,
  • increasing health safety for people living in areas with difficult access to a specialist, away from stationary medical care.

Benefits for carers, relatives of persons being directly under care:

  • obtaining educational, emotional and instrumental support,
  • enriching knowledge and skills about dealing with a sick person at home, complications prevention, the possibility of using additional forms of health care and social assistance,
  • ensuring a sense of security.

For whom?

For people of advanced age,
chronically ill,
temporarily or permanently dependent,
needing help
For carers of elderly people
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